Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Trends

Its almost summertime! Summer always reminds me of hi-lights, pedicures and tank tops. But this summer there is something new out there.

Feathers!! In your hair!
Take a look!
OK now that is a little dramatic, if you ask me. But for reals. This is the new hot thing! Have you not seen Steven Tyler on American Idol?

This past weekend, my salon and I had a booth at a pretty big event in town. We ended up renting 2 booths, one for the boutique items our salon sells, and another so we could sell and install the feather extensions. 

We were all pumped to do it, but  a bit skeptical at first. But funny enough, the first handful of clients were the 'moms' that walked up! The daughters were the ones questioning it! 

We had a GREAT turn out, and sold waaayy more then we thought we would. 
We still currently are doing it at our salon, as supplies last. Pricing is as follows:
Single feather: $10
Strand of 4 feathers: $25
Strand of 6 feathers: $30

We also have the option of, after buying a strand, buy a take home kit for $10 which includes one feather, 2 micro beads, looping tool and instructions so you can remove the feather we installed and/or add the single one wherever and whenever you may like. 

The coolest thing about them, I think, is you can curl them, straighten them, wash them, blow dry them, as if they are your real hair! I had one in my hair for almost 5 months, and decided to take it out because it had grown so much. So they do last a long time, as long as you take care of it as you should! 

Come check out all the colors we have! You will fall in love too!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Shoots and lashes

I have had the privilege to work at a couple hair shows, runway shows, and most recently a couple photo shoots. One such shoot was for a good friend of mine. Amber asked me if I would do the hair and makeup for her model (her sister) and I was flattered. I love stretching my creativity in different directions, and to see it on print is even more fun.

                                       Take a look at some of the finished photographs.

This is why I say eyelashes are a MUST!

Check out her page and see how she works it behind the lens! Amazing! 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bat your lashes darlin'

When we were younger, my sister and I would go through 'beauty phases.' I remember one phase in particular stuck for a while with us. False eyelashes. I think I was in beauty school at the time, and I was learning how to apply the individual lashes, and she was (gladly) my model. A few times. For weeks, actually. We would put them on her lids, and sort of make a game out of seeing how long she could wear them until they would start falling off. She did a good job of sleeping in such a way as not to disrupt them. I would wear them too, but I would use the strip ones on myself. It was easier that way. 

Fast forward to today. I still love to wear me some false lashes from time to time. So glamorous. Plus, they make your eyes just POP in a photograph. What could be better then fake eyelashes, right?  Wrong. I found the 'new thing.' 

Eyelash extensions

Crazy? Unheard of? Amazing!! Take a look:
My eyes before:
(don't mind the no makeup circles. Yikes!) 

And then, keep in mind, I did not add any makeup, and this was the same day as the previous picture:

Can you believe it? I still cannot. 

The process is absolutely painless. The initial visit takes about 2 hours for the installation. The esthetician carefully adheres each artificial lash to your own lash, using a glue adhesive. You have the choice of different size lashes, depending on how dramatic or natural you are wanting to go. 

About every 3 weeks you need to stop in for an hour appointment (or less) to get 'fills' on the lashes that need it. 

I do not need to wear mascara, nor do I ever curl them. They come pre-curled! I don't think it gets easier then this! 

Call my esthetician where I work, because right now she is running a special for $100 for initial visit, (50% off!!) until April 30th. 

You will LOVE them. I promise!! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Sticker me up

I am a nail polish freak. You should honestly see the millions of colors I like to collect. Every time I go to the beauty supply house (which is quite frequently) I end up picking up at least one color I don't seem to have in my supply at home. I  have an overwhelming amount of pinks, so my new rule to myself is anything BUT pink for a while.

I have been following this new trend that all the stars are seeming to do. Minx nails. Its simply a custom sticker that is applied to your fingernail. Celebrities do anything from metallics, to their names, to their faces, to the president's face! 

Now, to go to a salon and get this done, can be quite pricey. So why doesn't someone come up with a DIY? Wait, they have! 

Sally Hansen to the rescue!! 

These are so easy to use. They come precut to fit a 'normal' nail, but are easy to trim down to fit specifically. They come 16 stickers per package, but when I did my full fingers, I only used 5 stickers. I cut each in half and used each side. 

You simply stick them on your nails, cover them with clear polish, and done! I have a UV lamp that I use for my Shellac nail system. When I use the stickers, I apply the Shellac top coat and bake it under the lamp. That way my stickers last about 2 weeks, just like the Shellac. Its awesome! I have seen people do some pretty creative things with these stickers. This is my first attempt. 

I looked at CVS and Wal-mart. Wal-mart is the cheapest, by quite a bit. $8.00

Stick on! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday:

I figure everyone does it. I might as well too.

Although these here are words, so its not technically a 'wordless' Wednesday anymore. O well....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Makeup Mission:

So I have been on a mission to find a GREAT under eye cream. One that especially helps remove dark circles (or hide them well). Do any of you out there have a one you like...or don't like?

In the meantime, I have found this article interesting and helpful!

Natural Cures for dark circles under the eyes


Paul Mitchell in the magazines

What are magazines saying about Paul Mitchell products? Check it out!